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Strengthening our leadership position in Australia and the world
The School of Chemistry has an international reputation for excellence in research, and consistently ranks among the top chemistry departments in Australia.


We are home to:

Our research infrastructure, which underpins and supports our research programs includes state-of-the-art laboratories for chemical synthesis and  instruments for mass spectrometry, NMR spectrometry, Chromatography, thermophysical property measurements and X-ray scattering. You can read more about our facilities here.


We have made important advances in fundamental and applied chemistry, spanning energy conversion, biomedical research including new drug leads and synthetic methods, controlled-release and targeted drug delivery systems with strong nanoscience themes including studies of polymers, interfaces, framework materials, colloids, and crystalline and amorphous solids. 

Our research involves collaborations with scientists and engineers in academia, government, and industry both in Australia and internationally. Our leadership in many of these areas is built on our collective expertise and experience with major national and international research facilities including the Australian synchrotron and ANSTO OPAL research reactor.

Our academic staff and research students maintain a significant presence at national and international conferences, and many of our research students have been awarded prizes for their presentations at such conferences. This track record reflects the excellence of the research they are undertaking and their ability to deliver compelling presentations to an audience.

The school has 33 teaching & research academics, as well as over 55 research-only staff, including postdoctoral and research fellows, and about 30 research-active honorary and emeritus staff, working in about 40 research groups.


Members of the School are active across all the traditional and emerging areas of modern chemical research. They are clustered around four multidisciplinary themes as follows. 



Research areas 江西省宝升亨商贸有限公司

  • Molecular/ionic transport through solids
  • Large-scale energy storage and conversion
  • Batteries, fuel cells, selective molecular storage/separation/remediation
  • Metal-organic frameworks, ionic solids, polymers, ionic liquids

Researchers 新余厚宏裕科技有限公司



Research areas 丽水优鼎辉科技有限公司

  • Nanoscale interactions in materials and interfaces
  • “Smart” energy-efficient materials
  • Molecular assembly in complex fluids and at interfaces
  • Nanostructured functional surfaces, polymer nanoparticles and nano-systems

Researchers 滨州捷成汇设备有限公司



Research areas 平顶山巨华弘商贸有限公司

  • Chemical signalling, neurotransmission
  • Ageing, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases
  • Diagnostics and therapeutics (“theranostics”)
  • Drug design/discovery, biosensing/imaging, drug delivery

Researchers 江门生公台机械有限公司



Research areas 白银久源辉机械有限公司

  • Learning technologies
  • Research enhanced teaching and learning
  • First year transition and retention
  • Learning styles
  • Science, art and play
  • Inclusive education in chemistry
  • Public perceptions of science and opportunities for informal learning
  • Citizen science
  • History of chemistry in Australia

Researchers 丹江口升升欣机械有限公司

Research group 丹东谦金东贸易有限公司

Chemistry Education and Communication Research (CECR) group

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